A certified hypno-therapist since 1995.

From 2007-2009 a clinical hypnotherapist with   POSITIVE CHANGES.

Hypnosis aids in weight-loss, smoking cessation, self confidence, memory and much much more.

Of all the skills acquired over time, hypnotherapy is Beach’s favorite and most fascinating.

Originally he was interested in hypnosis as an addition to the stage show, but became fascinated

by the therapeutic uses of hypnosis, and opted to continue the art as a hypno-therapist instead. 

Someday he may actually include it in the act, but for now, is more than satisfied helping

people break old habits and create new ones.

That is all hypnosis is.

Film and tv have added a mystery and myth to the practice that perhaps lessens it’s value.

But, in the hypnotic state you reach into the subconscious mind and

reprogram habits from a bad habit to a helpful one.

Books have been written to explain the process, so we won’t delve into it here other than saying

it does work and is incredibly helpful.

If you are interested in learning more or would like to inquire in regards to a session

                                                                                                                          email david.



(626) 524 2717